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New download: Everything you need to know about faceted search

April 18 2019

Are you aware of all the ways faceted search can benefit your business? Don't worry if not, our new, free e-book explains all.

The Importance of site-search

The usability and competency of your site's search experience can make or break your e-commerce business. Did you know that visitors who use your search engine are 91% more likely to buy than those who are just browsing? On the other hand, a poor site-search experience will frustrate customers and can often deter them from purchasing.

With so much competition out there on the web, you need to take every precaution to keep customers on your site and away from your rival's. A site-search experience that's user-friendly, powerful, efficient, and reliable will ensure that your customers complete their buyer journeys with you.

Discover how faceted search can increase your sales – download our e-book today.

The future is faceted

Faceted search is an aspect of site-search that provides your customers with the ability to narrow down results via product attributes like price, brand, and colour. A powerful tool for both your customers and your business, faceted search makes it easier for them to find the right product, complete their purchase, and contribute to your bottom line.

With only 40% of e-commerce sites offering faceted search, there's a real opportunity for your eCommerce site to distinguish itself and provide a customer experience that will keep shoppers coming back to your store time and time again. 

What's covered in the e-book?

Our new download will provide you with everything you need to know about faceted search, including:

  • A comprehensive explanation of what faceted search is
  • An understanding of how faceted search benefits you and your customers
  • Best practice advice on designing your faceted search
  • Help on deciding if faceted search is right for your site
  • A glossary of terms to break down technical jargon

Taking the time to consider the importance of offering a great site-search experience on your e-commerce website will pay dividends, improving your websites UX, increasing your conversion rate, and amplifying your bottom-line.

To find out more, download your free copy of this essential e-book now. 

For everything you need to know about faceted search, download our e-book today.


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