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New Download: Jula Increases Conversion Rates with Loop54

March 7 2019

Sweden-based DIY retailer, Jula, launched their e-commerce site in 2017 and soon realised they needed a superior site-search solution to drive sales and provide a better user experience for their customers.

When Jula first set up shop in 1979, on a small farm outside Varaslätten, little did they know that 40 years later the business would be managing over 90 stores across Sweden, Norway, and Poland. 

The family-run company's success is a result of its dedication to providing customers with innovative products at prices they can afford – all while delivering excellent customer service. So when Jula launched their e-commerce site, they knew they needed to offer the same experience online as they do in their retail stores. 

After some research, the team at Jula found Loop54 and was immediately impressed with our track record of boosting conversion rates and increasing spend per customer. Partnering with systems integration consultancy firm Knowit, we got to work on the site. And the results speak for themselves.

Discover how retailer Jula increased their e-commerce conversion rate by 30%.  Download the case study today.

Inside the Case Study

Download the case study to: 

  • Discover how Loop54 helped Jula increase conversion rates by 30%
  • Learn how Loop54 helped to connect Jula's physical and digital retail space
  • Find out why Loop54 and Jula were perfect partners

We pride ourselves on demonstrating that the proof is in the pudding. Download our new case study today to see the results of our work for yourself.

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