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New Download: Loop54 Work with Panduro to Revamp Website User Experience

September 7 2018

We’re all about deep tech here at Loop54, but some of our most satisfying and successful partnerships have been with clients who specialise in the artistic or playful. From fashion to furniture, textiles to toys, we’ve helped many companies to improve on-site user experience and increase revenue from search visits.

So it was a delight to work with the Swedish arts and crafts retailer, Panduro. Employing around 850 people, with 114 stores in six countries, the company has become the market leader in hobby materials in Europe, with a product range spanning roughly 19,500 items.

Looking to further its success, Panduro needed a website that more clearly reflected the playfulness and creativity of its products.

The retailer had placed a lot of its content in the Inspiration section of the website – product ideas and suggestions intended to stimulate visitor purchases. The team wanted to increase engagement with this content and, more generally, encourage visitors to explore the website more widely by making several searches.

Discover how Panduro was able to boost e-commerce conversion rates and  per-search value – download our case study.

Our UX Design Guide in Action

Panduro needed to completely revamp its on-site product search and chose Loop54 to assist with this transformation.

Our role was to act in an advisory capacity, and the principles outlined in the Loop54 UX Search and Navigation Design Guide formed the basis of our suggestions.

In the guide, we've brought together our own research with the best outside advice to present practical tips for designing a frictionless search and navigation experience.

In our discussions with Panduro, we found the Filters and Facets section of the guide was one of the most relevant to their project aims and formed the foundation for many of our recommendations. For example, we advised Panduro to overhaul their use of the search box and filters and incorporate faceted search.

One of the key sections, which reflects a core part of the Loop54 offering, is “Related Results”. With its principles in mind, we advised the visitor’s search intent should play a much bigger role and that related queries – based on what the visitor searched for – are displayed.

Panduro have now adopted our suggestions, resulting in a clean, user-friendly, and well-performing new website on both mobile and desktop.

The quantitative results we’ve examined, while measured over a relatively short period, have so far been very pleasing. For example, for data between February and May, revenue was 36.2% higher in 2018 than 2017 and the newly designed website has experienced an increase of 62.26% in per-session value, while transactions went up 39.8%.

Learn More

Our UX Search and Navigation Design Guide sprang to life during this project, and if you’d like to see how it might help you, you can get a free copy here.

Meanwhile, this post has provided a brief snapshot of the challenges Panduro presented to us, the recommendations we formed, and the results the client has experienced. In our full case study, we dive further into the detail, so, if you’re interested to learn more, download it for free today.

Download the Nordics Fashion Retailer Bubbleroom's Case Study


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