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The M-Commerce Tipping Point [Infographic]

February 2 2017


Although the majority of mobile buying still occurs on tablets today (this year, £15.8 billion will be spent on tablets, representing more than 62% of total m-commerce sales), it's expected that by 2020 smartphones will dominate m-commerce and account for 52% of mobile transactions and £22.1 billion in sales (source).  

The mobile shopping experince isn't great - yet - but many retailers are investing to improve their transactional m-commerce experience. According to Internet Advertising Bureau (March 2015), 64% of the top UK retailers have a transactional mobile site, while 32% had a transactional app.

Obviously m-commerce is quickly becoming the norm. And since optimising the mobile experience is important for both search engine rank (remember mobilegeddon) and on-site conversion, retailers who fail to normalise will pay a price.

Discover how Bubbleroom was able to create a more relevant mobile search and  navigation experience and improve conversion rate - download our case study.

Check out this great infographic released by US based Dynamic Yield on tapping into the m-commerce consumer mindset for more great insight on the future of m-commerce.

"Despite rapid growth in mobile e-commerce, the bulk of the opportunity in m-commerce is still ahead of us.

Although 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, the small screen still accounts for only 16% of conversions, the infographic explains. What's more, average order value on desktops is 50% greater than on mobiles, and nearly 80% of items in mobile carts are abandoned." 

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