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The New and Updated UX Search and Navigation Guide

Jul 17 2018 | by Loop54

We’re proud to present the new and updated User Experience Design guide by Loop54! 

Why is Design Important?

E-commerce website visitors expect to be met with an easy-to-use, frictionless shopping experience. If a purchase requires too many steps, your search results are irrelevant, or your shop frustrates visitors, those potential customers are much less likely to purchase. And even if they do, don’t count on them coming back any time soon. 

Design a frictionless shopping experience for your users. Download our 'Search  and Navigation UX Design Guide'.

We’ve spent years helping our customers optimise their sites, and we know that a well designed, sensibly structured and efficient e-commerce site attracts, converts and retains customers. So we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to explain some of e-commerce’s search and navigation best practices.

What We Cover

The UX design guide is split into the following parts:

  • Category structure
  • Autocomplete design
  • Filters and facets
  • Product list layout
  • Loading products
  • Search box design
  • Related results

Is your website providing visitors the experience they expect? Weigh your website against our advice and start your e-commerce optimisation journey today.

Search Design Guide

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