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Boost and bury rules for search and category listings


Loop54 makes it easy to add business logic to your engine. Without compromising relevancy, specific products can be either boosted or buried within search results and category listings.

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Loop54 has proven to increase site-search conversion rates by 30-50%.

Using our customers as examples, we'll demonstrate how we improve search relevance and personalisation, and automate all merchandising work.

We'll show you how Loop54 will:

  • Improve overall relevance of search results
  • Minimise null-results with better interpretation of misspellings
  • Learn synonyms and new words automatically
  • Enable product discovery with related results
  • Use behavioural data to refine results according to general popularity and personal taste
  • Automatically rank category listings

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"Loop54 has a fantastic product that is automatically updated and improved. In addition, they are a committed company with a team that is easy to collaborate with."

Johan Thorell, Online Manager at Jula

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