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e-commerce case study
Svenssons i Lammhult uses Loop54 because it provides the best search experience for their customers, is easy to maintain and is supported by a great team.


Svensson i Lammhult is a leading Swedish retailer of furniture and home furnishings from over 200 brands. They have inspirational stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Lammhult and popular e-commerce at svenssons.se.

Service environment at implementation:

  • inRiver - PIM
  • CMS - EPi Server
  • Commerce platform - EPi Commerce


  • Trouble with getting the right hits on search results. 
  • Solr didn’t learn, so couldn’t list by popularity and couldn’t get the engine to promote sale items. For example: a popular chair can have a cushion or a footstool with the same name and in that case the goal would be to promote the chair. Getting Solr to do this required tremendous work.
  • Search pages didn’t have filters and couldn’t show Products or Variants depending on number of hits. This meant that all search results were variants (SKUs). For example, a search for “outdoor table” would result in 36 colors of the same table, forcing visitors to scroll far down to get to the next product.
  • Prior to Loop54, search performed alright, but didn’t meet Svenssons ambitions.
  • Previous site had trouble with loading times up to 120 seconds. New site and Solr did improve performance, but conversion rates from visitors with search didn’t improve as expected.


  • Search vendors were evaluated based on three criteria: general search competence, product search capabilities and cost (implementation and licensing cost) 
  • Strongly considered Solr and Episerver Find in addition to Loop54
  • Ultimately, Svenssons chose Loop54 because:
    • Loop54 performed best on all three criteria used to evaluate vendors
    • Team were tremendously competent and gave best practice advice
    • The search itself was amazing
    • The first demo with sample data and subsequent demo with their own product data was a great way to see the search performing and learning
    • Loop54 team really care about what they are doing and really care about their clients being successful


Despite not conducting an actual A/B test, the general effects seen from comparing old site to new site were great. And since no other large changes to the website have been made since implementing Loop54, Svenssons give Loop54 credit for the greatest part of the improvement.

"We chose Loop54 because the search itself was amazing! Being able to see a demo of how the search performs and learns with our products and data was key. I can’t imagine anyone choosing any other solution after seeing that! Finally, the team really care about what they're doing and really care about us being successful - not just selling their solution." - Jörgen Bitzekis, Business Development Director at Svenssons i Lammhult



Results with Loop54

  • Search exits decreased by 30.85%
  • Conversion rate for visits with search increased 20.87%
  • Revenue from visits with search increased 67.51%
  • Unique purchases for visits with search increased 49.48%