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Magento custom search module - BETA

Bring the power of machine learning to your Magento search

End the search frustration – ensure customers find what they want, fast.

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Compatible with:

  • Magento Community 1.9.x
  • Magento Enterprise 1.14.x
  • Php 5.6 and php 7

Magento 1.X plugin


Our new plugin for Magento, now in beta, will guarantee your Magento e-commerce site-search reaches its full potential. Enable customers to find what they want faster, and amplify upselling with related items that they’ll love.

  • Automation

    Self-optimised engine learns new words and merchandises search results in real-time.
  • Relevant ranking of results

    Engine uses user-interactions to continuously and programmatically refine the ranking of results.
  • Customisable delta sync

    To synchronise product data changes, your product feed will be pulled at least once per day. Delta-information changes can be pushed or pulled continuously in real-time.
  • Related results

    Loop54 understands the relationship between products and will generate a complementary list of related results. Such results promote relevant product discovery through search.
  • Autocomplete

    Autocomplete suggestions are populated automatically by a visitor’s own words and auto-sorted based on popularity and the conversion rate of different query suggestions.
  • Boost and bury rules

    Boost or bury results based on any product attribute. Rules are only applied to an established list of relevant results, ensuring that what is boosted still matches the visitor’s search intent.
  • Personalisation

    Deliver personalised search experiences based on individual visitor behaviour. Each time a visitor interacts with the search results, the engine will learn and tailor their experience next time.

Loop54 integration partners

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Jimmy Edlund
“Immediately following implementation we could see the relevance of results was amazing, especially compared to standard Magento search.”
Jimmy Edlund, Senior Web Producer at Björn Borg
Martin Kiland.png
“We were the first to try out Loop54's Magento 1 plugin. The plugin had some typical early beta problems, but those were quickly fixed. The Loop54 team were really helpful in troubleshooting any issues that came up along the way. We are very satisfied with the Loop54 Magento search extension. One of the key benefits is the automation and the search relevance that Loop54 gives us.
Martin Kiland - CEO and Managing Director at Kilands mattor


Quick implementation
Zero maintenance

Upgrade the search in your Magento store in minutes.
Once live, our engines will automatically present your customers with the most relevant results.

Download and move
Receive the source code and move it to your Magento root directory
Navigate to System -> Configuration -> Loop54
Under "General", set "Enabled" to "Yes"
Schedule cron jobs and clear all cache
Ship it!

Now seeking beta testers

We are currently looking for a few select retailers to test our Magento 1.X integration and help us understand how it performs when used with other Magento plugins.

In exchange for your time, feedback and support in improving our integration, we are offering a trial of our service.

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