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e-commerce case study
eCommerce Case Study
Teknikmagasinet uses Loop54 to ensure that their site-search meets the same high-quality standard as their other products and services


  • Teknikmagasinet AB is a Swedish retailer that sells consumer electronics and gadgets. Operates 128 physical stores across the Nordics and currently sells over 5000 products.
  • 85M EUR turnover in 2015 
  • Platform build on Litium Studio 4.8
  • Used Lucene and ElasticSearch for eCommerce site-search
  • Experienced difficulties getting search engine to be relevant
  • Search results were found based on simple text-matching, which required a lot of manual work with keywords and synonyms.
  • Had problems with the speed and performance, especially because of how Lucene retrieved results for auto-complete.
  • Wanted a great search solution that fit with their product, was affordable, and offered good support and stability.
  • Shortlisted Loop54, Apptus and Findify for evaluation. Ultimately selected Loop54 because of its superior product, convincing proof-of-concept/custom demo and strong cooperation.

"After careful evaluation, Loop54 was the obvious choice for us. We were tired of the performance issues and maintenance of Lucene and ElasticSearch. Loop54 gave us the automation, relevance and stability we demanded. Now our conversion rate from search is up 30%!” - Erik Nielsen, Web and E-Commerce Manager at Teknikmagasinet


Results with Loop54

  • The percentage of visitors who search increased ~ 5% against the previous rolling 12 month average
  • The conversion rate from search visits increased ~ 30% over the previous rolling 12 month average.