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Case studies

Read our case studies to find out how we help companies - big and small - increase revenues, decrease exists and reduce maintenance costs
Kontorsmagasinet uses Loop54 to dramatically increase their conversion rate from search visits. After a 35 day A/B test, conversion rate from search was up 29.5% and revenue increased 13%.
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Office Depot uses Loop54 to eliminate site-search maintenance costs and increase revenue from search visits. Within one month of implementation, their eCommerce revenue was up 12%.
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Stor och Liten uses Loop54 to leverage an important visitor segment and eliminate manual search merchandising work. Thanks to Loop54, their online revenue has increased 16.1% and their site-search is significantly faster. 
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Teknikmagasinet uses Loop54 to ensure that their site-search meets the same high-quality standard as their other products and services. After improving their search with Loop54, their conversion rate from search increased 30%.
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Svenssons i Lammhult uses Loop54 because it provides the best search experience for their customers. Since implementation, revenue from visits with search increased 67.51%.
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Bubbleroom uses Loop54 to improve their customer experience, particularly on mobile. Thanks to Loop54, Bubbleroom's mobile conversion rate has increased 12% (18% among mobile visitors with site-search). [Infographic].
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Libraries with code examples

To streamline the implementation process, we've created libraries for the most common software platforms. The libraries are open source and available on our Github page.

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