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E-commerce post Covid19
How to think and what to do

In this 45min panel discussion, we’ll talk about how corona has affected e-commerce and how to prepare business for a post-corona world.

22 April 2021
1:00 PM CET

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Our panel of prominent e-commerce managers will talk about the impact of corona on e-commerce and their key take-aways for adapting to this new business as usual.


  • How has e-commerce been affected by Covid19?
  • How has Covid19 affected logistics?
  • What new expectations has Covid19 created and how to handle these post Covid19?
  • General takeaways and tips from prominent e-commerce managers.

Our Panel

Nic Staeger

E-commerce Director at Cervera

Dean Fraser-Philips

E-commerce Director at Life

moi (kopia)
Veronica Ermanbriks

E-commerce Director Scandinavia at TUISS

Karin Mineur
Karin Mineur

IT Director at Kronans Apotek

Moderator: Pelle Pettersson

CEO at Omniarch

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