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Relevant site-search increases sales

You will never need to manually merchandise your search or category listings again. We deliver relevant sorting automatically and learn from customer behaviour in real-time.

Go way beyond text matching

Our Machine Learning algorithm analyses your catalogue to find products that match the search query in ways beyond simple text-matching. It looks for complex patterns in the product metadata and checks them against past visitor behaviour.

Mike Odin CBO at Loop54
“It's difficult for computers to properly interpret human behaviour and intent. We take a unique approach to solving this problem, one that's much less dependent on the actual 'words' and doesn't require big data.”
Mike Odin,

Personalise your customer experience

Loop54 builds a personalised search and navigation context. Our algorithm uses behaviour insights and purchase history in real-time to continuously refine search results according to personal taste. A/B tests showed our personalisation feature alone increases revenue from search visits by 7%.

Automate all your searchandising and merchandising

Stop manually configuring If-This-Than-That rules, tagging and sorting products. Leave it to the Loop! Our algorithm automatically learns synonyms, deciphers misspellings, and ranks products based on behavioural data and personal taste.

Enable product discovery like never before

Since we understand the relationship between products, we're able to generate a list of related results. These products are similar to the direct results but distinct enough to evoke curiosity.
Basic text-matching search
Loop54 Related Products
don't wait for big data

Don't wait for big data

Enjoy the benefits of Loop54 immediately. Since we do an analysis of your product catalogue first, we're able to use small amounts of behavioural data in a complex way. This means no waiting months for your search engine to "learn".
support omni-channel shoppers

Support omni-channel shoppers

Our search helps integrate the online and in-store customer experience. Nearly half of shoppers search for information online while in-store, and half of them go directly to the retailer's website or app to search for that information.  
go live in days, not months

Go live in days, not months

Access our REST API and receive on-going support from our tech team. Delta-information/changes are pushed to our API continuously in real-time and entire product catalogues are synchronized at least once a day.

Succeed like so many others

Increased online revenues
Reduced search exits
Increased online revenues
customer voice

Don’t take our word for it

“Loop54 not only helps our customers find what they’re searching for, they’ve also helped us in creating a foundation for a personalized shopping experience.”
Niklas Schuster, CIO at Coop Online
“Loop54 provides an unprecedented degree of search relevance. It’s the reason our sales from search visits have increased dramatically. Our conversion rate from search visits is now 5 times that of visits without search and AOV is 75% higher.”
Oscar Lavas, CEO at Kontorsmagasinet
“... by streamlining product search on our site without the need for enormous amounts of user behaviour data and manual work, we can connect consumers directly with what they want and reveal relevant related products that they may never have thought of purchasing before. As a result, Loop54 is really helping our business grow. In a little less than a year, revenue among visitors with search has grown 69%.” 
Robert Henrysson, Marketing Director at Winefinder
We chose Loop54 because the search itself was amazing! Being able to see a demo of how the search performs and learns with our products and data was key. I can’t imagine anyone choosing any other solution after seeing that! Finally, the team really care about what they're doing and really care about us being successful - not just selling their solution.
Jörgen Bitzekis, Business Development Director at Svenssons i Lammhult
“Immediately following implementation we could see the relevance of results was amazing, especially compared to standard Magento search.”
Jimmy Edlund, Senior Web Producer at Björn Borg
“After careful evaluation, Loop54 was the obvious choice for us. We were tired of the performance issues and maintenance of Lucene and ElasticSearch. Loop54 gave us the automation, relevance and stability we demanded. Now our conversion rate from search is up 30%!”
Erik Nielsen, Ecommerce Manager at Teknikmagasinet

Let us show you why!

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