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Automated merchandising

Self-optimised search and navigation

Move from manual, labour-intense search and category merchandising toward a completely programmatic solution. No drag and drop interface, no manual rule setting, once live with Loop54 everything is automated.

What we automate

Our engines automatically merchandise, learn new words, interpret behaviour data and more. A feature-rich REST API and Machine Learning algorithm means you will never again need to manually merchandise your search and category listings.
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How we automate

Loop54 is a Machine Learning search algorithm accessible via an API and hosted in the cloud. It is not a toolbox for manually creating custom keyword tags, variant labels, synonym lists or boost and bury rules. That's done automatically!
Algorithm maps complex relationships between products; performs initial merchandising
At setup, business rules are built into the algorithm logic - such as detecting new items, campaigns, stockouts, etc.
Behaviour data is continuously added to the algorithm logic; products re-sort for greater relevance and personalisation
Real-time learning capabilities are used to incorporate new words and synonyms into algorithm logic
“After careful evaluation, Loop54 was the obvious choice for us. We were tired of the performance issues and maintenance of Lucene and ElasticSearch. Loop54 gave us the automation, relevance and stability we demanded. Now our conversion rate from search is up 30%!”
Erik Nielsen, Web and E-Commerce Manager at Teknikmagasinet
Catarina Tagebjer, E-commerce manager på Svenskt Tenn.jpg
“Just one month after implementing Loop54 we were please to see engagement with search results jump to 80%. Not only that, our engine learned 500 new search terms and attached 14500 click, add-to-cart and purchase events to both search queries and unique users - giving us tremendous insight into customer behaviour we never had before.”
Catarina Tagebjer, E-commerce Manager at Svenskt Tenn

Why we automate

Machine Learning can optimise many eCommerce systems. But due to its complexity, we believe product search and navigation will gain most from a self-optised algorithm that anticipates shopper intent and minimises operational expenditures. 
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Succeed like so many others

Incresed revenue from search visits
Reduced search exit
Increased online revenues

Get started

Using our customers as examples, we'll demonstrate how we improve search relevance and personalisation, and automate all search merchandising work.