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Recommendation suite

Go beyond products that are frequently purchased together and provide your customers with relevant recommendations from your whole product catalogue


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Offer more relevant recommendations

Our proprietary AI algorithm has been delivering unprecedented relevance for search and navigation for a long time. Now we are using the same technology to bring recommendations to the next level by creating a deeper understanding of how the products in your catalogue are connected.

Recommendation Suite

The four pillars of our AI-driven recommendations

Similar Products

Our AI algorithm maps relationships between products and understands which other products fit the user's intentions. This allows you to display a wider range of relevant products and inspire with alternatives.

Recommended for you

The use of purchase history and personal preferences enables you to present specially selected products that are relevant to each unique visitor.


Behaviour from products frequently bought together is spread to similar products that fit the same context. This makes it possible to recommend all relevant complementary products including new and niche products that lack behaviour to draw conclusions from.

Top Lists

The Top Lists feature in the Recommendation Suite makes it easy for you to highlight product groups like bestsellers, new arrivals or current promotions.


One AI to rule them all

Our proprietary AI algorithm provides a better customer experience


Improves the discoverability of our products and therefore we also sell more!

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It’s time to get relevant

Give each shopper a personalised, truly relevant user experience with tailored product recommendations.

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