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Recommendation suite

Based on our proven AI engine, implementing recommendations, you can expect your revenue to increase by approximately 8%.


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Recommendation Suite

The four pillars of our AI-driven recommendations

Similar Products

Direct product links are so standardized that we barely notice them. But we have chosen to look beyond direct links and recommend products from the entire product catalogue based on the context.

Recommended for you

The use of purchase history and personal preferences enables you to present specially selected products that are relevant to each unique visitor.

Cross Sell

Thanks to our deeper understanding of the entire product catalogue, we are able to make use of a wider range of products than just those that are purchased together. That allows us to display more of the less popular products in situations where they are relevant.

Top Lists

The Top Lists feature in the Recommendation Suite makes it easy for you to group products based on current promotions, popular products and new products, for example.


Increase revenue with AI


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One AI to rule them all

Our proprietary AI engine provides a better customer experience


Improves the discoverability of our products and therefore we also sell more!

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fast API for eCommerce search

It’s time to (really) get to know your customer

Give each shopper a personalised, one-to-one user experience with tailored product recommendations.

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