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e-commerce case study
Kontorsmagasinet uses Loop54 to dramatically increase their conversion rate from search visits
  • Kontorsmagasinet is an online retailer of office supplies with an annual online turnover of 1M EUR (2011) and an annual growth rate exceeding 20% since going live in 2009.
  • Purpose of A/B test was to determine what impact, if any, would better search relevance and related results have on revenues and conversion rates.
  • Conducted the experiment by running an A/B split test. Visitors to Kontorsmagasinet.se were randomly chosen to either receive Loop54 or the original search engine of Kontorsmagasinet.se.
  • Factors such as layout, design, filters and autocomplete were identical in both implementations so as to isolate the effect of the product search engine.
  • The measured variable was the conversion rate among visitors that included a search in their visit.

"Loop54 provides an unprecedented degree of search relevance. It’s the reason our sales from search visits have increased dramatically. Our conversion rate from search visits is now 5 times that of visits without search and AOV is 75% higher. "- Oscar Lavas, CEO at Kontorsmagasinet


Results with Loop54

  • 13% increase in eCommerce revenue within 35 days
  • 29% increased conversion rate from search visits
  • AOV among visitors with search now 75% higher than those without search
  • Conversion rate from search visits 5x that of visits without search