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Case Study

Bubbleroom: m-commerce and the importance of on-site search

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"When we started this project, it was obvious to us product search was going to be a key component of our success. Loop54 has really delivered on our expectations and helped us achieve our goals."

Ville Kangasmuukko,
- Bubbleroom

About Bubbleroom

Bubbleroom, which offers fashion for women who love to party, was founded in 2005 and was acquired by Consortio Fashion Group (CFG) in 2008. In recent years, the company has expanded with four physical stores in the Swedish market and, together with CFG, launched a wholesale department as part of an objective to meet the customer in all relevant sales channels.

Today, Bubbleroom, in addition to its primary online sales and in-house stores, sells its proprietary brands and collections to over 50 external stores. Bubbleroom is also active online in the other Nordic markets and sells to more than 30 countries through its international online store.


Bubbleroom women



In 2015, Bubbleroom noticed their customer base becoming increasingly social and mobile. At the same time, the gap between mobile and desktop conversion rates was growing.


  • Small tech team, big tech overhead
  • In-house built search and recommendation engines
  • Site-search conversion rate below expectations
  • A large and varied product assortment


Women on phone



A more relevant mobile search and navigation experience:

  • New adaptive mobile website
  • New machine learning search engine
  • New product recommendation engine




The m-commerce results

  • +97% mobile revenue
  • +12% mobile conversion rate
  • +18% conversion rate from visits with site-search
  • +11% AOV from visits with site-search


Mobile shopping




Loop54 offers true personalised on-site product search


Shoppers expect the same level of relevance and personalisation online as they experience in-store. Powered by Machine Learning and built exclusively for e-commerce, Loop54 delivers that exceptional online shopping experience.

  • Automated: Automatically learns words and merchandises search and category listing
  • Relevant: Interprets search intent to deliver truly relevant results
  • Personalised: Sorts results according to popularity and personal taste

Bubbleroom is just one of the clients who has seen conversion rate soar after implementing our exceptional site-search. Book a demo to see what we could do for you.

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