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Case Study

ChildrensHouse.se increases conversion from search by 40%

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"We really value the support and advice we have from the competent and committed team at Loop54. They understand what we want to focus on and have a fantastic search engine where our customers find exactly what they are looking for in a quick and easy way.”

Simon Nordberg,
Owner / CEO
– Childrenshouse.se

About Childrenshouse.se

Childrenshouse.se is a children's store that offers all the essentials for families with children, such as baby products, toys, car seats or children's clothes – select items in a catalogue of more than 14 000 products from around 200 brands.

Before launching its e-commerce business, the Umeå based company had been operating for a long time under a different name.

It started in a physical environment and today operates a store of over 2000 sqm and an associated warehouse of just over 500 sqm. Since bringing its business online, the company has changed its name to Childrenshouse.se, in both the physical and digital environment.

The brand focuses on fun, with an ethos that says it should be fun to have children, to be around children, and, most of all, to be a child.


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Childrenshouse.se has built up a strong presence in the physical retail market and gained many loyal customers thanks to its wide product range and focus on first-class service, embodied by expert staff who guide visitors to the products they need and provide insightful suggestions.

The focus on providing customers with the best possible service and an ambition to gain market share beyond Sweden – combined with the irrepressible rise of e-commerce – motivated the launch of Childrenshouse.se’s online business in 2015.

Now customers can access the full product range wherever they are and shop when it suits them best.

The Challenge

Adding an e-commerce arm was a huge leap for a company so deeply rooted in the physical world. There were new issues to consider: new KPIs and a whole new way of selling and working. Childrenshouse.se quickly realised that its staff were not fully equipped to successfully run an e-commerce platform, so decided to consult outside experts and work with experienced partners.

Childrenshouse.se provides everything you could need for babies

We come from a completely analogue world with great knowledge of the physical trade where we have met our customers face to face in the store. Now we would have to suddenly create a relationship with them digitally under completely new conditions and we realised that we needed competent partners we could trust.”

Simon Nordberg,
Owner / CEO
– Childrenshouse.se

Why Loop54?

Expertise in e-commerce, search, user experience, and consumer behaviour were the key criteria for Childrenshouse.se when it came to choose partners to help power its e-commerce ambitions.

It was important that the customer experience in the digital environment would meet the high standards set in their physical store, and the search function would be a key element in that.

"Everyone has probably experienced just how bad some search engines are, where one feels they do more harm than good." – Simon Norberg.

The team also took on board advice from their platform provider Carismar, before ultimately choosing Loop54 because we could offer:

  • Personalised and relevant search results
  • A knowledgeable, responsive and committed team
  • A genuine desire to be part of the development of Childrenshouse.se

We really value the support and advice we have from the competent and committed team at Loop54. They understand what we want to focus on and have a fantastic search engine where our customers find exactly what they are looking for in a quick and easy way.”

Simon Nordberg,
Owner / CEO
– Childrenshouse.se

Results with Loop54

Childrenshouse.se receives on average 25 000 visitors a month, a number that is constantly increasing, with big peaks around Christmas and other celebrations.

Following a smooth and quick implementation, Loop54 was running on the website from early 2018. Since then, the company has more than doubled its online sales from 2017 and overall conversion has increased, with Loop54 playing an important role in this.

Over 2018, conversion from search increased by as much as 40%. And 2% of the company's purchases now come from Loop54's unique Related Results feature, which provides search results that no other search engine can find through text matching.

Childrenshouse.se has also noticed a significant increase in conversion when their customers search for a specific product.

“For us, the customer and the user experience are constantly our focus. The large conversion increase from search is a clear acknowledgement that Loop54 works as desired and this is appreciated by our customers.” Simon Nordberg.

Childrenshouse.se is already looking at how to build on the use of new technology and AI to further improve customer experience. The next possible development could be a solution that includes augmented reality via mobile – for which the company sees Loop54 as an obvious technology partner.


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Loop54 offers true personalised on-site product search


Shoppers expect the same level of relevance and personalisation online as they experience in-store. Powered by Machine Learning and built exclusively for e-commerce, Loop54 delivers that exceptional online shopping experience.

  • Automated: Automatically learns words and merchandises search and category listing
  • Relevant: Interprets search intent to deliver truly relevant results
  • Personalised: Sorts results according to popularity and personal taste

ChildrensHouse.se is just one of the clients who has seen conversion rate soar after implementing our exceptional site-search. Book a demo to see what we could do for you.

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