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Case Study

M.nu increases its average order value by 61% using Loop54

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"We envisioned a search functionality that would display related products, handle misspellings, and generally be more dynamic. Since we started collaborating with Loop54, that’s exactly what we’ve got!"

Erik Freiholtz,
Founder and CEO
- M.nu

About M.nu

Founded in Linköping, Sweden, and established in 2006, M.nu offers products and components for smart homes, catering to both a professional and hobbyist customer base. The well-established company has an impressive 2,000 products in its catalogue, and receives over 20,000 orders a year from around 16,000 customers. What began as a side project for its founder, Erik Freiholtz, now has six full time employees and enjoys an annual turnover of approximately 30 million kronor.


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Ensuring the happiness of its customers is one of the guiding principles of M.nu. In fact, the company has on several occasions incorporated products and features specifically requested by its customers.

However, it soon became clear, that with a solely online presence and a growing product catalogue, a well-functioning search engine was quickly becoming an important priority.


M.nu aims to constantly develop and innovate its offerings to better serve the needs of its customers.

As part of this ongoing business strategy the company moved to a new web platform in 2016. The change highlighted an urgent need to improve its search engine. On several occasions, employees were unable to find the products they were looking for using the existing site-search and navigation as quickly and easily as they wanted. M.nu recognised that if employees were experiencing issues, it was likely that customers would be too. 

To address this, the company began investigating solutions and suppliers that could help improve its search function and ensure its site visitors could quickly and easily find what they were looking for. Fundamentally, M.nu required a versatile search solution that offered the flexibility to make adjustments to meet particular needs. A good pricing model was also an important factor in the choice of vendor.


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We were spending a lot of time fixing small bugs, patching vulnerabilities and carrying out repairs - all of which cost us time, money, and resources. We urgently needed to find a search engine that could deliver what we really needed.”

Erik Freiholtz,
Founder and CEO
– M.nu

Why Loop54?

During the decision-making process, M.nu's business strategy enabled internal departments to bring in external partners to address their own needs. Loop54 catered to the organisation's growing requirements and was subsequently chosen to meet the following criteria:

  • A flexible solution, that is adaptable for M.nu’s needs
  • A sophisticated service with great functionality that delivers far above other solutions
  • An agile team, that is responsive to the company’s input and requests

The search function is extremely important for us; we know the customers who use it are much more likely to make a purchase. Loop54’s response to our specifications for a smart and fast search solution made it a perfect match for us.”

Erik Freiholtz,
Founder and CEO
– M.nu

Results with Loop54

M.nu quickly saw positive results from the moment it began working with Loop54 in November 2017. Importantly, both customers and employees can now easily search for and find what they are looking for. What’s more, the company no longer needs to spend vital resources and time on fixing bugs in the search function; a task that often took priority from other, more important activities.

Working with Loop54 has had a measurable impact on sales. The average order value has increased by 61 percent, and the value per search has increased by 42 percent between September and November 2018 compared to the same period the year before.



61% increase in average order value


Loop54 offers true personalised on-site product search


Shoppers expect the same level of relevance and personalisation online as they experience in-store. Powered by Machine Learning and built exclusively for e-commerce, Loop54 delivers that exceptional online shopping experience.

  • Automated: Automatically learns words and merchandises search and category listing
  • Relevant: Interprets search intent to deliver truly relevant results
  • Personalised: Sorts results according to popularity and personal taste

M.nu is just one of the clients who has seen conversion rate soar after implementing our exceptional site-search. Book a demo to see what we could do for you.

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