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Case Study

Office Depot eliminates site-search maintenance costs and boosts revenue

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Office Supply

Office Depot is the world’s second largest office supplies retailer, with a $11.0 billion global turnover in 2016. Before engaging Loop54, the business was using an open-source Lucene solution for eCommerce search.


  • The second largest office supplies retailer in the world
  • $135M turnover in 2012 (Sweden)
  • Used a open-source Lucene solution for eCommerce search


  • Low findability due to complicated and unstructured product information
  • Complicated industry jargon decreased findability even further
  • Several customer-specific product assortments
  • High maintenance costs for the search engine
  • Conversion rates below target

Results with Loop54

  • 12% increase in ecommerce revenues within one month
  • 100% reduction in search maintenance costs
  • Higher internal efficiency
  • Faster search response times




Loop54 offers true personalised on-site product search


Shoppers expect the same level of relevance and personalisation online as they experience in-store. Powered by Machine Learning and built exclusively for e-commerce, Loop54 delivers that exceptional online shopping experience.

  • Automated: Automatically learns words and merchandises search and category listing
  • Relevant: Interprets search intent to deliver truly relevant results
  • Personalised: Sorts results according to popularity and personal taste

Office Depot is just one of the clients who has seen conversion rate soar after implementing our exceptional site-search. Book a demo to see what we could do for you.

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