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predictive Personalisation

Predict customer needs in real-time

You don't need big data to create unique and satisfying customer experiences. Our proprietary AI predicts each online shopper's needs, using their unique preferences and in-session intent to personalise their experience in real-time.

Based on shopper intent and preferences

Loop54 uses unique customer preferences and real-time purchase intent to build one-to-one eCommerce personalisation. While purchase intent may change between sessions, preferences do not. Loop54 uses both to personalise within and between visits.

Preference based personalisation
Intent based personalisation

Personalise your search and category navigation

We personalise two key parts of the customer experience: category listings and product search. Whether customers go directly to your search box, casually browse categories or both, we make sure that what they see is relevant and timely.

Help visitors quickly find what they're looking for

Category listings

 It learns as visitors move between search and browse

“Loop54 not only helps our customers find what they’re searching for, they’ve also helped us in creating a foundation for a personalized shopping experience”
Niklas Schuster, CIO at Coop Online
“Loop54 provides an unprecedented degree of search relevance. It’s the reason our sales from search visits have increased dramatically. Our conversion rate from search visits is now 5 times that of visits without search and AOV is 75% higher.”
Oscar Lavas, CEO at Kontorsmagasinet

Succeed like so many others

Increased revenue from search
Reduced search exits
Increased online revenues

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Using our customers as examples, we'll demonstrate how we personalise the search and navigation experience, and automate all merchandising work.