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DEMO Videos

See great product search to believe it

Watch how Loop54 brings relevance, personalisation and automation to eCommerce site-search. Request a demo to learn more.

Relevant results

A before and after view of the increased relevance Loop54 can deliver from day one.


Relevant results

A before and after view of how Loop54 can increase the relevance of results for even the simplest of search terms.



Loop54 accurately interprets misspelled words and uses visitor behaviour to automatically learn new synonyms.



Loop54 automatically learns new words and sorts results based on visitor behaviour.



Loop54 can present entirely personalised results - based on past visitor behaviour or a unique identifier (e.g. user ID).



Watch how Loop54 uses small amounts of visitor behaviour data to refine results.


Related results

Loop54 understands the relationship between products. So a search for one type of product will generate a side list of products with similar functionality.


Related results

Loop54 knows how products relate - how statistically similar or dissimilar they are. This allows Loop54 to produce a side list of relevant results that are independent of the actual search query.



Loop54's autocomplete mimics that of Amazon.com - including by category, product and SKU.



A before and after view of how Loop54 handles misspelled words and can deliver results in over 95% of searches.


Automated search merchandising

Stop spending hours each month creating IFTTT rules, tagging products with keywords or manually ranking results. That can all be done automatically with Loop54.   


How Loop54 works

Deep dive into Machine Learning. Peek behind the curtain to learn the magic of Loop54.


Relevant and related search results

The relevance of search results should depend on a visitor's search intent, not the accuracy of their words. Loop54 goes beyond basic text-matching to deliver true search relevance.


Behaviour-based sorting

As visitors search and browse, Loop54 quickly learns what products are most popular and automatically updates the ranking of results. And when a visitor’s unique taste isn't popular, Loop54 will learn that too.

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