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Features for smarter product search

From first keystroke to final click, there's no better way to give your customers a great search experience

eCommerce site-search basics

Certain features are search software table stakes - you simply don't have a search engine without them. Since we aren't your ordinary search engine, we chose to make our basic features a whole lot smarter and 100% automated.

Related search results

In addition to direct results, our engine generates a list of Related Results. These results are determined through Deep Learning and typically relate to the direct results in one of three ways.
Related Results - brands with similar product lines
Brands with similar products lines
Related Results - products with similar uses
Products with similar uses
Related Results - Similar products from other brands
Similar products from other brands
Related Results - Recommended Results - Product Discovery
Language agnostic product search

Language agnostic

Unlike language-based algorithms that have a set of predefined rules for how to find the root form of a word, our algorithm analyzes product metadata and determines relevance without making assumptions about how language is built.
Site-search on any device or UI

Any device or UI

As long as your website or app is accessible over the internet, we can power your search. Our degree of relevance, Amazon-like autocomplete and ability to decipher misspellings means we are particularly well suited for mobile.

Site-search insights & analytics

Improve your merchandising and SEO/SEM by learning what your visitors expect and value most. Monitor search trends, conversation rates, how products rank for a given query, and what new words the engine has learned.
  • Search trends
  • Product rank order
  • Conversion rates
  • New words learned
Product search analytics and trends

On top of all that good stuff, we have add-ons

Use these optional features to give a boost in search ranking to certain brands or products, to deliver category-based product lists, to render all product page content, and much more!
  • Category listings
    List all products by category and allow visitors to filter and sort. Learn more.
  • Customer specific results & pricing
    Have search results reflect the unique characteristics of each customer deal.
  • Product page content
    Pull all product descriptions directly from Loop54 servers. 
  • Parent-child product hierarchy
    Include variants of a parent product in search results. A query with a parent name generates a sorted list of child variants.
  • Boost and bury
    Have specific brands and/or products rank higher or lower in search results and category listings.
  • Content search
    Search for things other than products, like ads, blog posts, articles, etc. Content results can be returned in one list together with products, or in a seperate list.

Review our specification sheet

Review and download our complete software specification sheet. It details all our current features and functions.