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category Listings

Personalised category navigation

Take your category merchandising strategy to the next level. Utilise Loop54's AI to automatically optimise the speed, sorting, filtering and faceting of your category pages and to personalise the entire browsing experience.

Dynamic category merchandising

Showing the most relevant products first influences revenue, basket size, and customer loyalty. Automatically rank products at the category level according to popularity, personal taste, in-session intent and business logic.
eCommerce Category List General Popularity
eCommerce Category List Preferences
eCommerce Category List Logic

Convert browsers into buyers

Whether they're searching or browsing, help shoppers find what they're looking for by showing them the most relevant products first.

User experience – No endless scrolling and slow rendering. Visitor behaviour is used to rank products by relevance and engines respond quickly.
Sorting – In addition to relevance, the engine can sort category listings by any bespoke criteria or attribute, like title, brand, price, etc.
Faceted filters – Use any product attribute as a faceted filter. Available facets auto-adjust to reflect the products listed under each category.
Automation - Eliminate all manual merchandising work. The Loop54 engine will rank products programatically.

API documentation

Learn how to implement Loop54 category listings. Follow best practice and code examples.

Design a great category navigation experience

Great navigation experiences are relevant and frictionless. While we take care of the relevancy, you ensure the design. Get started by following our design guidelines, which include:

  • 10 tips for designing category list layout
  • 4 tips for designing category structure
  • 11 tips for designing facets & filters
  • 4 tips for designing hover and hit thumbnails

Succeed like so many others

Increased revenue from search
Reduced search exits
Increased online revenues

Get started

Using our customers as examples, we'll demonstrate how we improve search relevance and automate all merchandising work.