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Faceted Filters

Improve findability with faceted search and navigation

eCommerce faceted search and navigation uses certain product attributes as visible criteria visitors can use to refine their search results and category listings.

Where faceting is needed most 

With faceting, you ensure that the right, logical filters are available where and when your customers need them. We'll help you determine what product attributes should be used as facets and configure your engine accordingly.
eCommerce Faceted Search
eCommerce Faceted Search Navigation

Attributes for faceting

Beyond price and brand, any attribute important enough to be included in the list view of a product should be available as a filter. With Loop54, category-specific filters adjust to the type of products carried and search filters are inferred for each set of search results.

Price Tag USD-1.png
Obvious site-wide attributes like price, brand, category, product variations and ratings
To Do.png
Attributes that accurately evaluate which of the products in the list are of relevance
Attributes that enable the visitor to compare relevant products to one another
List 2.png
Attributes that can be consistently included and presented across products in the same list

API documentation

Learn how our engines handle faceting. Follow best practice and code examples.

Dynamic Faceting

As users interact with search results - teaching the engine what the most relevant results are for a given search query - irrelevant filters will be removed automatically. If, after applying a faceted filter, new filters become relevant to the narrowed list of results, those new filters will appear automatically. 

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