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Guide shoppers with site-search autocomplete

Autocomplete suggestions help visitors use correct terminology, avoid typos and refine their search. Poorly implemented or non-existant autocomplete can lead visitors on a detour, or worse yet, to completely abandon their search. 

Search autocomplete – à la Amazon

When it comes to autocomplete, we've taken a page from Amazon's playbook. Autocomplete suggestions are populated automatically by the visitors' own words, and are auto-sorted based on popularity and the conversion rate of different suggestions.
E-commerce Search Autocomplete Categories
E-commerce Search Autocomplete Popularity
E-commerce Search Autocomplete Article Number

The benefits of site-search autocomplete

Helping the user spend less time on typing is a good thing. But a great autocomplete experience is about much more than that – not least driving additional sales and improving conversion rates. Key benefits include:

Exploration – helps visitors find alternatives or additional items they hadn’t previously considered
Scope – direct visitors to specific areas of your catalogue or directly to other relevant content.
Reassurance– confirms that the product is available while also providing a useful shortcut to the right page
Spelling- automatically correct misspellings and suggest query alternatives

API documentation

Learn how our engines handle autocomplete. Follow best practice and code examples.

Design a great autocomplete experience

Successful autocomplete experiences are born from relevant query suggestions and frictionless design. While we take care of the relevancy, you ensure the design. Get started by following our design guidelines, which include:

  • 8 tips for designing autocomplete
  • 11 tips for designing facets & filters
  • 6 tips for loading products
  • 11 tips for designing a search box


Succeed like so many others

Increased revenue from search
Reduced search exits
Increased online revenues

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