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Webinar Panel: E-commerce post Covid-19

April 16 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the bottom line of many businesses and changed consumer behaviour around the world. Health concerns and local regulations have significantly reduced the amount of time consumers spend in public, and thereby in retail stores. The already booming e-commerce market on the other hand received an extra boost from the pandemic, driving more consumers to shop from the safety of their own homes. 

E-commerce stores were overwhelmed by the increased demand at first and had trouble restocking items, processing orders and delivering them to their customers in a timely manner. While many businesses managed to adapt their logistics and supply chain during the last year, corona brought attention to the vulnerabilities in their setup, but also pointed out possibilities for development.

But what will happen to e-commerce when the pandemic comes to an end?

In our digital e-commerce panel in collaboration with Omniarch, four prominent e-commerce managers will discuss the impact of corona on e-commerce and their key takeaways for adapting to this new business as usual.


  • How has e-commerce been affected by Covid19?
  • How has Covid19 affected logistics?
  • What new expectations has Covid19 created and how to handle these post Covid19?
  • General takeaways and tips from prominent e-commerce managers.


Nic Staeger - E-commerce Director at Cervera

Dean Fraser-Philips - E-commerce Director at Life

Veronica Ermanbrinks - E-commerce Director at Tuiss nordics

Karin Mineur - IT Director at Kronans Apotek

Moderator: Pelle Pettersson - CEO at Omniarch


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