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A blog about e-commerce site-search, personalisation and CRO.

Our search experts share their expertise and insight into product discovery and machine learning for e-commerce

Ecommerce Site Search Posts

How to Make the Most of Your Site-Search Analytics

One of the biggest benefits of implementing site-search on your e-commerce site is the sheer wealth of customer information


What is a search facet? What is a search filter?

Sometimes referred to as guided navigation, faceted search and navigation uses certain product metadata as visible criteria


New Download: M.nu Increases its Average Order Value by 61% Using Loop54

Established in 2006 in Linköping, Sweden, M.nu began life as a hobby project for founder Erik Freiholtz. Erik had a keen


How to Build User-Friendly Product Listings

If you operate an e-commerce website, always ensure your product-listing pages contain the right attributes. A large


9 Tips on Increasing E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimisation

Getting loads of website traffic is great, but if that traffic doesn't convert into something concrete, like a sign-up,


New Download: Everything You Need to Know About Faceted Search

Are you aware of all the ways faceted search can benefit your business? Don't worry if not, our new, free e-book explains


New Download: Jula Increases Conversion Rates with Loop54

Sweden-based DIY retailer, Jula, launched their e-commerce site in 2017 and soon realised they needed a superior


E-commerce Site-Search: 5 Key Trends for 2019

Year after year, the e-commerce sector reports exponential levels of growth that has left other industries in the dust.


6 Tips To Boost Your Product Sales During The Holidays

The holiday season is well-known for flooding retail stores with a frenzy of shoppers, so it’s no surprise that each year,


10 Epic E-Commerce Site-Search Tips That'll Boost Your Sales

We've already covered the myriad of benefits custom site-search can bring to your e-commerce store – such as more than


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