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New download: M.nu increases its average order value by 61% using Loop54

September 13 2019

Established in 2006 in Linköping, Sweden, M.nu began life as a hobby project for founder Erik Freiholtz. Erik had a keen interest in the various products and technologies that were set to form the backbone of the impending smart home revolution. And, after some deliberation, decided to start selling them online.

Fast forward 13 years and, today, M.nu has 6 full-time employees that help to manage an extensive product catalogue comprised of over 2,000 individual items. This translates to over 20,000 orders placed every year (from a customer base in excess of 16,000) and an annual turnover of approximately 30 million kr.

In the wake of such impressive growth, M.nu's focus today is on developing and improving its existing product offerings to better meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.

Discover how retailer M.nu increases its average order value by 61% using  Loop54. Download the case study today.

Building the foundations of the modern smart home

M.nu is the obvious choice when it comes to shopping for the products and components that form the foundation of the modern smart home. Alongside their unique and comprehensive assortment of products, M.nu's positive user experience and swift delivery service helps them stand out from the crowd. Not only that, these characteristics have been integral to the company's development over the past decade and a half.

However, an expanding product portfolio, coupled with M.nu's online-only business model, made finding a sophisticated and reliable on-site search engine of paramount importance if they were to continue on this upward trajectory.

After researching a number of possible solutions, M.nu decided the best way forward was to bring in an external resource capable of meeting these criteria. That resource was Loop54.

Powered by cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and built solely with eCommerce in mind, we were able to cater to the organisation's growing list of requirements. The results of this partnership, recorded in the following case study, speak for themselves.

Inside the case study

In this case study, you'll discover how Loop54:

Download your free copy today.

m.nu loop54 case study


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