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A blog about e-commerce site-search, personalisation and CRO.

Our search experts share their expertise and insight into product discovery and machine learning for e-commerce

New Download: E-commerce Site-Search Platforms: What's The Difference?

Our new cheat sheet is ideal for retailers who are deciding between e-commerce site-search solutions. With so many


Google Data Studio Template: KPIs and Metrics for Evaluating your Site-Search

Many of today's e-commerce organisations are following their revenue streams using emailed reports and dashboards. But,


How to Configure Tracking of Null-Results to Improve On-Site Conversion

In the age of exponential data growth, 'findability' within e-commerce is a major stumbling block. The transition from 


How Machine Learning Can Improve Site-Search (and Revenue!)

While the futuristic notion of a world filled with humanoid-robots scurrying to perform their fleshy-master’s commands is


3 Things E-commerce CTOs Need to Understand About Search-as-a-Service

The future of e-commerce looks bright, with global retail e-commerce sales predicted to reach $4.5 Trillion by 2021.


The Future of Site-Search: 5 Trends for 2018 and Beyond

2017 was a big year for site-search. Voice search truly moved into the mainstream, m-commerce continued to eat into


5 Challenges Facing Heads of E-commerce in 2018

Over the last 10 years, e-commerce has witnessed meteoric growth. According to a recent study from The U.S. Census Bureau


3 Key Takeaways from the Mobile Shopping EU 2018

At Loop54, we’re dedicated to innovation. We’re always looking for new and inventive ways to help our customers achieve


Force Your Digital Providers to Work as a Team

Large e-commerce businesses usually have a number of digital providers. There might be one handling the technical side of


How to Name Your E-Commerce Products

Product naming is something all e-commerce businesses should pay a lot of attention to. Having the right product names


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