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A blog about e-commerce site-search, personalisation and CRO.

Our search experts share their expertise and insight into product discovery and machine learning for e-commerce

The Future of Site-Search: 5 Trends for 2018 and Beyond

2017 was a big year for site-search. Voice search truly moved into the mainstream, m-commerce continued to eat into


5 Challenges Facing Heads of E-commerce in 2018

Over the last 10 years, e-commerce has witnessed meteoric growth. According to a recent study from The U.S. Census Bureau


3 Key Takeaways from the Mobile Shopping EU 2018

At Loop54, we’re dedicated to innovation. We’re always looking for new and inventive ways to help our customers achieve


Force Your Digital Providers to Work as a Team

Large e-commerce businesses usually have a number of digital providers. There might be one handling the technical side of


How to Name Your E-Commerce Products

Product naming is something all e-commerce businesses should pay a lot of attention to. Having the right product names


On-Site Search Needs to Understand Intent and Long-Tail Keywords

If people were all the same – talked the same way, acted the same way and understood everything the same way – building


Get Your Out-of-Stock Pages Ready For Holidays

How to Make the Most of Your Out-of-Stock Pages for Holiday Sales

Out-of-stock pages are both a gift and a curse for


7 Tips for Improving Product Discovery During the Holidays

For the 2017 holidays, sales are expected to beat previous year's totals by 3.6-4 percent, potentially reaching $682 billion


6 Questions Every SEO is Tired of Hearing

If you work with SEO, you’ve heard it all before. Whoever you work with and whatever site you’re optimizing, these


3 Things E-commerce Businesses Need to Know About AI

Over the last couple of years, buzz words among online retailers have been personalization, natural language processing,


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