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A blog about e-commerce site-search, personalisation and CRO.

Our search experts share their expertise and insight into product discovery and machine learning for e-commerce

6 Ways to Measure the Quality of Your E-Commerce Site-Search

There are 6 quick and easy ways to measure the quality of your on-site product search. If any of these metrics are


The Next Generation of Search

For the last decade, search has been undergoing a significant transformation. Many consumers are seeking out and even


4 Techniques to Up Your Keyword-Research Game

Keyword research has been done the same way for 10 years. It starts with you typing your website’s main topics in Google


Is Natural Language Processing (NLP) the Future of E-Commerce Product Search?

Human communication is a rather messy ordeal. What we say often requires real world knowledge, we often use wordplay, and


Predictive Personalisation – Customer Satisfaction Both Off and Online

There are a number of bars and pubs in the inner-city area where our office is located. After working hours, people from


Site-Searches for Fidget Spinner Grew 1600% and Nearly 2000 Variations Were Used!

Back in June, we released a graph showing the growth in on-site search volume for "fidget spinner" and related terms among


Content Marketing Strategy: Is Quality Finally More Important Than Quantity?

In the early days of Internet, the sheer vastness of the web was impressive. Whatever you were looking for, people were


How to decide what level of Machine Learning software is right for your business

What are retailers asking for, and how can they evaluate machine learning vendors?

This article was orignally published in


Drive Sales and Engagement with Google Posts

Google recently rolled out a new service, Google Posts, allowing websites to promote events, showcase new products or


Are You Building Faceted Search and Navigation? Please Talk to Your SEO Team First

Let us start by saying that faceted navigation can do wonders to e-commerce websites and has proven to increase conversion


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